Monday 18 July 2011

Il pleut

private chateau, Néons sur Creuse
And it has...for the last three or four days we've had gusting winds, rain showers and cooler temperatures. Yesterday it was like a tap: on ... off; sunny ... dark and grim. Some of the showers were so intense that we couldn't see to the other side of the valley--a haze of rain obscured it like a curtain. A good day to read indoors and watch the golf from Royal St George's in Kent, where incidentally they were having even worse weather.

Just over a week ago it was lovely: warm and sunny, which was just as well as we had family staying. On holiday, they wouldn't have appreciated yesterday's weather at all! Photos are by I and F; taken during their visit--just to add a little sun to this blog!

candied & dried fruit, Loches market
So what does one do when it rains as was the case this morning? Do the chores which involve going to Tours. After all one has got to take advantage when one's dearly beloved other half actually volunteers to go to Ikea!! Having been relieved of a number of €'s we headed to LeRoy Merlin to have a look at, and price, outside tiles which we will need soon to finish the terrace at the rear of the house. 

Chinon, Clos L'Echo weather vane
At LeRoy Merlin they had their selection of outdoor tiles indoors and on display boards outside. After looking at all of them we found that two of the tiles which we'd thought were nice online lived up to expectations in reality.  You never quite know if the images really reflect the actual colours so we thought it best to see for ourselves.

Nobly resisting any further diversions we headed home with the sun roof open as the skies had cleared a bit ... 

As I write this we have had a bit of late afternoon sun but the gusting wind is still blowing and another shower is threatening. The weather forecast says we're in for more of the same--showers and temperatures of no more than 20C for most of the week. Mind you the rain means we don't have to water the fruit trees and pots on the terrace!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Helo Niall and Antoinette:
There is always a bright side to life even if it is raining and not having to water your plants is a definite advantage. We always think that no matter how well one tries to water one's plants, natural rainfall is so much more preferable.

Pollygarter said...

Vive la pluie! Too late for a lot of the maize and sunflowers, though.
Do you remember Dennis Howell, appointed the UK minister for drought in 1976? (No, you're much too young...) The day after he was appointed, the rain started, and did not stop for four months. I may be exaggerating a bit, but he certainly succeeded like no other minister in any government in doing himself out of a job.

GaynorB said...

Something similar happened this year when a part of the UK (East Agglia, I think)declared a drought. It has rained off and on - and more on than off, it must be said- ever since!

Sports day postponed today. Tomorrow's not looking too good either.

I would like it to be warm and sunny again for the weekend. I wonder why?

Niall & Antoinette said...

@Jane & Lance--well we won't have to water today either! :-) It bucketed down around 2 am and then drizzled most of this morning.

@Pauline--I know as far as the plants are concerned it is a case of vive al pluie. Problem is the weeds are now growing well like...weeds :-)

As for '76 I can remember being at school in stifling classrooms and suffering hideously in a uniform which was never geared to high temps....ugh!!

@Gaynor--you and me both! I've had enough: too many consecutive days of rain and it's only 18C today!! Way below normal for here. Hopefully next week will be better.