Tuesday 19 April 2011

Red red rose

No not the poem by Rabbie Burns but one of the rose bushes which grows up against the south face of our house. Our first roses are out! Three buds have just opened and it turns out that the bush flowers a deep dark red

We have been curious to see what colour our 'inheirited' bushes were going to be. We know the one by the barn--if the photographs prove to be right--will flower a creamy peach colour; but we had no idea what colour the one closer to the front door was going to be. 

The two bushes we brought from the UK, both Austin roses, are a climbing white--'Snowgoose' and a peachy coloured rambler--'Shropshire lad'; so it looks like they will go well with what is here already.

We have been having a run of very dry warm weather recently with temperatures regularly above 20C. Today our thermometer, located on the north wall which never gets the sun, is reading 25C. 

We actually--dare I say it--need some rain. However, in the meantime we are enjoying every minute of the lovely weather we have--no doubt we'll pay for it with a lousy summer....


Craig said...

That's a beautiful colour of rose. Is it fragrant? We just planted 24 new roses in our front garden so it'll be interesting to see how the colours look at first bloom.

Niall & Antoinette said...

Hi Craig, welcome to our blog! See that the weather in Scotland is good too for a change :-)!

The rose looks to be quite old; I suspect a shrub variety which has been made to 'sort of ramble'. It's a double/full bloom and yes it is scented. No idea which rose it is though.

Craig said...

Yes, it's almost tropical here (not really!)

Niall & Antoinette said...

LOL! Well as far as I recall anything over 15C in Scotland is considered tropical!