Friday 7 October 2011


Katinka, day 1: 8.10.2010
Almost exactly a year to the day we took charge of a small-ish bundle of 3 1/2 month old tabby fur. We called her Katinka, often shortened to Tinka. We once saw a little photo in a newspaper about a Russian tigress with that name. The dinky bundle of fur did, in some odd way, remind us of that big cat as her markings are very distinct and symmetrical. Add to that she's totally fearless and immune to things such as vaccuum cleaners and the name seemed to 'work'. 

Day 1: 'guided walk'
We've always had two cats. We felt it was fairer if we were working to have 2 so that they'd be company for each other. In August 2004 the second of our 1st pair of cats--a mother and daughter called Echo and Clio died at the grand age of 18.  We really missed her but a house without furries just didn't 'feel' right.  Soon went off to the cat rescue in Maastricht to find two kittens looking for a new home. The new incumbents were brothers--Shadow and Traveller [the name of Robert E Lee's horse; in case you were wondering]. 

Sadly in 2009 we lost Traveller to a virulent lymphatic cancer; which left Shadow as our sole cat. We don't think he minded at all!! ... but there was a vacancy.
Day 2: up on the roof
Acquaintances we met shortly after arriving here in August 2010 knew we would consider a second cat--always on the proviso that things would work out with Shadow--after all he has seniority rights.

Tinka was, as far as we know, found wandering not too far from Chamussay but the people who took her in couldn't keep her as they were returning to the UK. Pets brought in on the pet passport require a valid rabies vaccination. One either has it done well before going to the UK or one has to leave one's pet in kennels for a considerable amount of time on UK entry until given the all clear. It was not an option for them.
20 October 2010--well settled in

We took Katinka in on a trial basis on October 8 2010 and she's never looked back!  She settled in amazingly quickly. Shadow wasn't a happy bunny to start with--he didn't appreciate the lively kitten 'stalking' his tail and ambushing him in play; but they have settled down really well. Small as she is, she's the boss, and although there is the occasional spat, Shadow's such a wuzz he just hisses and removes himself from her orbit until things settle. 

posing July 2011 [photo: Frans]

She's a right little "madam" but her inquisitiveness, her fearlessness --she hops into cars, sits on the tractor mower and plays with the vaccuum cleaner nozzle-- as well as her personality means that we love her to bits. We won't mention the bat, the swallow, the bluejay or the numerous voles we've rescued--that's part of being a cat.  

As far as we're concerned every home should have one!


ladybird said...
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Jean said...

What a little beauty and a character too. If we didn't have Lulu, we would probably have a cat now.

ladybird said...

Second attempt to comment ... the first one had too many typos, so I removed it. Sorry!

I do so agree about cats. Every home should have a cat ... unfortunately I'm not allowed to keep pets in my rental apartment. But looking at your pretty Katinka certainly makes up for it :)) Have a nice weekend. Martine

TimBDesign said...

She is a lovely cat and seems to like human company. Shadow has kept his distance when we've visited.

TimBDesign said...

This is actually Gaynor!

Carolyn said...

Katinka looks adorable, and I must say so does Shadow, but then, I'm a sucker for cats.

Niall & Antoinette said...

@ Jean - she certainly doesn't lack character!!!

@ Martine - it is so often the way with rentals. We found it a challenge when we were renting to find places that would allow pets.

@Gaynor aka TimBDesign - we actually think she's part dog. How else do you explain the stalking of a vaccuum cleaner when it's on? Or the hopping into the car to try and hitch a lift when we're off shopping?

@Carolyn - so are we and every cat we've had has had a completely different character.