Friday 3 December 2010

Snow Fosse II

view this morning from
Antoinette's study
We had more snow overnight and this morning when we got up it was snowing again. We now have a real fluffy blanket of the stuff. Shadow and Tinka are doing bunny hops to get around as the snow is up to their tummies.

Just as I was making coffee Ken appeared. The dumper truck problem has been fixed--filter needed changing due to cold and so things are moving again! The system of pipes which will trickle the water through the layers of sand & gravel go in and then there is the connecting to do. In a way the snow is a real help as it protects the ground and keeps it from becoming too churned up.

Monday we have an appointment with the lady from Satese who must come back and inspect/approve the installed system, specifically the filter bed before the final layer of top soil goes on. We are really hoping this will go ahead. Since we moved in we've had to be ultra careful with our water usage because of how quickly the little fosse etanche fills up. In this cold weather a nice soak in a bath is a pretty attractive thought!

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