Thursday 24 February 2011

Waiting on sunshine

The weather has been grey, by turns misty and rainy. Definitely not the kind of weather that makes you think of doing outdoor things. Although it is not cold; 13C today. Hopefully we'll get some drier weather soon as our grass needs cutting but it is just too squelchy to run the tractor mower.
buds just waiting for some sun
Our poor neighbours, down for the half term week from Paris were telling us that often in previous years they have been able to sit outside --with a good fleece-- for lunch. Not this year. Their 3 yr old doesn't seem to mind too much--she's turned into a little mudlark.

small but beautiful
  As this is our 1st year here we have been doing regular rounds to see what's coming up plant wise and today we found lots of lovely little dog violets. This in addition to our drifts of snowdrops, numerous clumps of daffs and 3 weedy crocuses. We've also spotted tulips but whether they will bear flowers remains to be seen. We're just as likely to get foliage.

Now all we need is some sunshire.
almost ....


GaynorB said...

We were also in LP-P for the early part of the week, and apart from Monday, the weather wasn't too bad. Isn't it exciting to see a garden develop for the first time? It is almost like having a 'present' every few days!
We were hoping for a bit more sun so that we could cut the grass, although we did manage to rake up lots of leaves.
Back home again now, looking forward to Easter!

Jean said...

Everything is just waiting for spring now, ready to burst forth.

That's if you can find anything at all under the mud here in Derbyshire !!

Mudlark - what a great word. It describes our dog perfectly !!

Niall & Antoinette said...

Jean: and katinka and Shadow--they come in with their undercarriages all dirty and paws clotted with mud and are then v miffed when we don't want them on our laps! (wry smile)