Wednesday 16 February 2011

Here comes the sun

Two deer again v early this morning. They are deeply skittish -- understandably so, the hunting season doesn't officially end until the 28th of this month --and the light is too poor for our simple Exilim camera to take a picture. Antoinette has a dSLR Canon 500D EOS on her wish list but it may take a while..... they are not cheap!! Like many we initially pooh-poohed the digital cameras and carried on using our Canon EOS SLR but 6 years ago we caved in and went digital with a simple point & click. The little Exilim we have currently has one great advantage in that it can be easily put in a pocket which means you always have a camera with you to snap something interesting. 

Soon after the deer visit the sun came up and it looks to be a glorious day! Niall took these just after 8 am as the sun popped up over the woods to the east of us.

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