Monday 29 November 2010

Snow kitten

Yesterday it snowed; properly. Big fat heavy flakes which at first looked as if they would just melt away. Wrong, it came down thickly and lay.  We know it's a major news item in the UK, and here too it is on the news as it is unusual to get snow this early.
advance warning: a dusting
the day before

view from our front door,
 mid afernoon

Our rescue kitten, Tinka who came to live with us in October is now about 4 1/2 months old; and, of course, has never seen snow. At first she was hesitant. Shadow, our black 5 yr old neutered tom, was much more phlegmatic, he just popped out the catflap and went about his kitty business. After all, he had experienced lots of snow last winter in Suffolk.

Then we had to get some more wood from the woodshed. We have central heating but heat most of the house using a wood burner in the living room. As always Tinka "helps" us and finds this great fun--diving into the stack chasing anything that moves: real creepy crawlies or imagined ones. Now there was the added bonus of fluffy things falling from the sky--obviously very exciting but also puzzling...why couldn't she catch them??

Hummm... puzzling
Chasing a snowball
She took one bouncy jump into the snow and that was it. It was FUN! She burrowed her nose in the snow, she batted flakes and chased the snowballs we threw for her. She certainly didn't seem bothered by getting her paws wet--the kitchen floor certainly needed a wipe down later in the day!

Stalking flakes

In fact she completely forgot about the wood shed and left Niall to get the wood on his own.


Susan said...

I think cats go into snow leopard mode - they love it, and are very funny to watch.

Niall & Antoinette said...

I just love the way she chases and bites into the snowballs we throw!