Monday 22 November 2010

Fete des Arbres

Our local village Charnizay

It is the season to plant trees and bushes. Earlier in the week we put in 4 small fruit trees: an apple, cherry, greengage and pear. Hard digging as we have clay soil and it was claggy. So as we were in 'fruit tree mode' we drove down to Tournon St Pierre for their Fete des Arbres held yesterday.

Despite the grey day there were quite a few people. This, the flyer announced was the 10th year it had been held. On show were many local nurseries selling mainly bare root fruit trees and roses but there were also craft and food stalls. The small forge had a keen audience of children as the blacksmith made small gift items such as candlesticks. And the stand promoting local endangered apple species had brought a press and was doing a roaring trade in fresh pressed apple juice, encouraged by free tastings. It was lovely. 

We strolled around and watched folk dancers "Les Sabots de Brenne". In full local costume they were accompanied by a hurdy-gurdy and accordion player. The ladies had beautifully starched lace caps and clogs; which reminded us of Dutch local costumes. The Brenne is a region of fishponds/lakes just to the east of us. The group moved through the streets lined with stalls and every 50 meters or so they stopped, had a chat, greeted friends and performed a dance.

Folk dancers in Tournon St Pierre

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