Sunday 27 March 2011

Pink times two

Like many people who live here we have fruit trees. We 'inherited' two apple trees, three cherries, two quinces, a fig and a peach tree. Some of these trees are elderly and a quince,  apple and cherry are probably on their very last legs. So last November we put in a cherry, apple, pear and a greengage. We've also found we have wild plum
14 March, just cut
In The Netherlands we were spoilt; there flowers are an everyday addition in one's house and you can find superb street corner stalls selling a vast range of flowers all through the year. We always had a bunch or two of something in the house. In the spring, the flower sellers would have bunches of cherry branches for sale as a --more expensive-- alternative to the tulips or daffs which were our regular purchase. Later on they would have sprays of lilacs. 

21 March
Two weeks ago we were pottering about outside --it was one of the 1st days when the temp went up to the high teens-- and I took a look at the best of our inherited cherry trees. I was suddenly reminded of the flower sellers in Holland so I a cut off a few small branches and popped them into a vase to await results.

They didn't disappoint :-) slowly opening up over the last 14 days and making a lovely display on the coffee table. 

The best thing is we can enjoy it all over again now that the tree in the garden is coming into flower!


GaynorB said...

What a good idea!

I'll try it here in Staffordshire, as we are a couple of weeks behind in terms of plant growth. Here the daffs are only just in full bloom.

I'm always shocked at how expensive fairly ordinary flowers are to buy in France, compared with the UK. I always like to have some fresh flowers in the house, but in France I really try to shop around.

On our last visit we were invited to lunch with some friends of friends, and I wanted to take some flowers. We called in at a plant store near Chatillion, only to find they didn't sell cut flowers, only plants and arrangements - strange, I thought. I bought a smallish flowering plant (can't remember the name now) which I think I could have bought at Sainsbury or a garden centre for about £5. It cost 18 Euros!!

It's not really that I minded paying 18 Euros, but I did mind paying it for such a small plant!

Niall & Antoinette said...

@Gaynor: we found the UK prices high after the Netherlands so the French prices really take some getting used to.
We've found the best value to be the small potted orchids--if we need a gift.

Our daffs are dying off now, but the tulips are making a good show. Wish our lilacs were going to do something but I don't think they're going to flower; just produce leaves.

Jean said...

I agree, flowers for in the home are incredibly expensive in France, even on the market stalls. I find that a bit odd. Surely if we can get imported flowers in the UK for a sensible price you would think France would be the same.
When we are chez nous I tend to cut bits from our garden and our neighbour Mme André often leaves a little bunch of flowers from her garden on our doorstep, which is so sweet.